A Guest Led Backyard Wedding

“What are the most important things to you about the wedding day?”

This is one of the first questions that I ask every couple at our initial consultation. For Julie-Anne, this question was answered without hesitation!

  1. Guests being well-fed and enjoying their time

  2. Her and Sean having lots of time together for photos

  3. To have time with their family

Every suggestion for the day of schedule or set up idea was made with these key priorities in mind.

Julie-Anne and Sean distinctly knew their purpose for this special event. It wasn’t just to celebrate their love, but so much more than that. It was evident that every choice through the planning process was made with their guests experience in mind. From blankets on the haystacks at cocktail hour, to large DIY yard games, all the way to the layout of the tent and the amount of food and libations accessible to their guests at every stage of the day’s events. Their guests were well taken care of!

This was a beautiful celebration of both the wedding couple and their loved ones!

Check out the photos below, and see for yourself.

Photos by Image of Beauty