branding photography

Our Branding Photo Session

I have never done a branding photo session and I honestly didn’t even know that was a thing until I did one! What an amazing, fun experience.

Shortly after I started working on my branding with the wonderful team at Thoughtwell Creative Co. I had the idea to contact my photographer friend - Ashley. I wanted to get some photos that could fill my website and future social media pages and it was important that they were in line with the mood of my brand.

My project manager, Kayla, and good friend Celeste helped me come up with several ideas for different types of images that we could get from this shoot! I needed a diverse amount of pictures that could be used to fill the website, social media and for my full page ad in the Dote magazine Weddings Volume 3. We came up with a list of ideas for types of shots, props, attire and the overall concept for the whole photoshoot.