Hello and Welcome!

My name is Ashley-Dawn. I am the founder & president of Fiore Fine Events. This has been a dream of mine for many years. It was birthed from a passion for event planning and a natural skill for organization and coordination. I am excited to share our journey with you!

Fiore Fine Events specializes in event coordination. Our experience in organization and administration ensures that no decision or fine detail is overlooked. From the initial consultation right through to the timing of the first dance, we capture the beauty in every detail and create seamless transitions through your day-of schedule. Having our team professionally execute your event will allow you to be present and enjoy every moment, while leaving your guests in awe of their experience.

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About Ashley-Dawn

Most evenings you can find me relaxing on a walk with my Bernese mountain dog, Roarie, or dreaming up schedules and detail options for future events over a glass of wine (Zenato Valpolicella Superiore is a favourite).

My passion for planning can be traced back to my childhood, where as a little girl I would often come up with elaborate plans to ensure hangouts with my best friend were properly arranged within our moms’ busy schedules. At 18, I attended Theatre College and discovered a new talent and love for stage management. As I continued to develop a career in office administration and project management, it became obvious that my love for events and talent for organization and execution could be used together to create a dream career - event coordinating.

What started out as a hobby, in helping friends and family coordinate weddings and special events, developed into a passion I want to share with others. Having now spent time studying through QC Events School and working in the world of coordinating, I can honestly say it is my greatest joy to take the vision of my clients and bring it to completion with excellence and grace. I am excited to bring this passion to your event!

Much Love, Ashley-Dawn

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About Fiore and the design

Personally, I love for every possible detail to have meaning and significance, so it was important to me that my name and logo weren’t just picked out of a hat.

The Design

While trying to envision my logo, I kept imagining a picture of a magnolia flower, but I was also seeing wings of a hummingbird incorporated somehow. That’s how I designed the concept of the winged flower (the final product pictured was professionally designed).

The Name

The original concept of having an Italian name was inspired while travelling to Italy. I brought my design idea to a marketing team and, through a creative process, Fiore (which means flower in Italian) was created.

You can read about the meaning of the design and the whole creative process here.

Special thanks to Ashley Daphne Photography.