You have put in the countless hours to make sure that all the details for your event have been planned out just as you envisioned. Now all that’s left to do is enjoy your hard work and savour every moment of a stress-free event. Who will answer the last-minute vendor questions? Or coordinate the schedule and ensure everyone knows their cue? Who will approve a last-minute change of plan right before you walk down the aisle? These are the situations that can take you away from important moments and add unwanted stress to a celebration.

This is where we come in!


Day-of coordinating is a specialized service that manages the fine details and execution of your wedding day. It allows family, bridal party members, and guests to be present and engaged in celebrating you, instead of having to step away to handle logistics.

We would love to meet with you and talk through your event vision to see how we can assist you. Tell us a little more about your upcoming event and book your commitment free consultation today!


Like the wings of a hummingbird, we will get things done with great speed but with a grace that seems as if we’re standing still. Colibri is our most basic “day-of” coordinating package.


Our most popular package is commonly referred to as “month-of” coordinating. You have laid the foundation and now we will come in to take over, so you can focus on preparing to be a guest at your own event.


Sometimes you need a little more help on the day-of and the month before your event. That’s why we offer the Eccellenza package. It includes decor assistance, as well as multi-event coordinating.

We understand that every event is different and so are your needs, which is why we currently offer a variety of coordinating packages. If none of the listed packages seem to cover your needs, we would love to discuss and create a custom package for you.