The Story of Fiore Fine Events

Where did the vision for Fiore Fine Events come from? And why Fiore (Italian for flower) for an event company?

Years of family and friends telling me that I need to go into wedding and event planning finally brought me to the point that my passion was greater than my fears. I took the plunge and signed up for QC events school just before I hopped on a plane to the Netherlands and Italy.

Social media really can be an amazing network platform, because a college friend saw my post about signing up for the program and referred me to his sister who was getting married at the end of that summer. While sitting in a coffee shop in The Hague (Netherlands), I received a message from his sister, Julie-Anne, expressing interest in meeting with me to discuss the possibility of being her day-of wedding coordinator.

I was both ecstatic and nervous. And then it hit me, I needed a name! While driving around The Netherlands with my dearest friend of 13 years, we started talking about what I envisioned this company to be. She asked me the right questions and I began to dream and brainstorm with her, while we prepared for our trip to visit Cinque Terra, Italy.

This company needed to embody excellence and elegance in all aspects but especially in the presentation, customer service, administration and details. But I still wanted simplicity.

I think that Italian is an elegant language, and since it’s half my heritage and I was travelling to Italy, I was inspired to connect with that culture.

The next step was the design. I began spending countless hours searching online for inspiration based on the Italian name and my vision for this business. It was proving to be an unsuccessful search. Eventually, I gave up and realized that I had not invited The Creator to give me inspiration. So, I invited Him to come and be a part of this creative process. Not even a few hours later I started seeing in my head the image of a beautiful flower. I couldn’t recall what type of a flower it was, so I went back to the internet. Finally, I found what I was envisioning. It was a magnolia flower.

I learned that the magnolia flower represents dignity, nobility and purity. Finally, the direction I was moving in was profoundly resonating with me! But I knew that wasn’t the end of it. Next, I came across a tattoo on a bride’s neck and beside the text there was a wispy version of a hummingbird. I was so drawn to the wings, and I remembered that not too long ago my windshield got a new stone chip that looked like a hummingbird. That chip had caused me to look up the meaning of a hummingbird months prior.

The hummingbird represents resilience, sweetness of life and optimism. Personally, I love that despite how small this bird is, that does not stop her from moving at remarkable speeds and accomplishing much more than you would expect from this little creature.

She is both petite and resilient. Sweet and fierce.

That’s when it all came together. I saw this beautiful image of a magnolia flower with the wings of a hummingbird canopying over it. Then I heard the words from Psalm 139:9-10 echoing in my heart. “If I take up the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there Your hand shall lead me, and Your right hand shall hold me.” I also heard God saying to me, “Under the shadow of My wings, I will hide you.” (Psalm 17:8).

Fast forward about a month or so, when a good friend mentioned that her company partners with new businesses to design and build their brand. I brought my Italian inspired business name and my God inspired design to Thoughtwell Creative Co. Together, we walked through the creative process of discovering, designing and perfecting Fiore Fine Events and its branding. There is so much that I could share about this process, but I’ll leave that for another time. For now, I will just say this. Every step of this journey has been both exciting and overwhelming. Sometimes overwhelming because I have felt ill-equipped, but far more than that has been the overwhelming love, support and celebration that I have been surrounded with by my friends and family and my creative team.

Ashley Daphne delivered photographs that far exceeded what I could have hoped for! She captured the heart of this company through her lens beautifully. She provided quality reflection on the branding and took the time to ask the right questions. Gaby Wehbe brought my vision to life perfectly with his hair design. My brilliant mother helped me create the table design and florals. And I was so honoured to have the support of my lovely friend, Celeste and my sister, Chanelle on the day of my photoshoot. The final results literally brought tears to my eyes and I am so humbled. I’ll be sharing more about that whole experience in another journal entry.

If you made it to the end, congratulations! I promise that I will try to make my future journal entries shorter, but I can’t guarantee anything. I am thrilled to be sharing this journey with you. Thank you for showing interest in Fiore Fine Events and being a part of my dreams coming true. I hope that if you are needing a coordinating professional for your special event, that you will call on us and allow us the absolute pleasure of using our passion to make your dreams come true! Until next time.

Much Love,